Yoga and Beauty

Yoga and Beauty
Yoga and Asana
Jun 2011

Yoga and Beauty
Most people believe that yoga is for fitness. The term fitness is true but not complete. To complete the definition of yoga the terms "beauty" must be added. Yes, for the beautiful physical appearances and also the beautiful mind yoga can play a vital role. Beauty in fact is the gift of god.
Yoga helps in enhancing the circulation of blood, detoxify your body and restore proper functioning of your body as well as endocrine glands.
Here are some yoga postures to highlight your beauty.
For smooth and soft skin: First appearance is the skin itself. People judge beauty in the first sight from the skin. So for smooth and soft skin one should follow the following step.
First apart you leg about one foot in a standing posture then cover your face with your palms and breathe fast and deep, about ten times. Now rub the face, the eyes, and the forehead with your fingers and breathe fast ten times.
By this exercise the wrinkles will fade off from the skin and face will start glowing with an attraction. Keep breathing deeply.
For well shaped and prominent breast: Secondly, the size and shape of breast in women matters a lot. That is the sole property of women. So for beauty it must be properly aligned.

Yoga and Beauty
First apart you leg about one foot in a standing posture. Place your hands on your waist and inhale as deeply as you can and then exhale forcefully. Repeat this breathing exercise at least sixty times. By performing this exercise regularly, within a week the breasts start becoming prominent and gain a well shape.
For the fat free flat stomach: Every girl wants their slim body, the slimness is most figured by the stomach. The excess fat in stomach makes one look ugly. Even girls now days go for dieting which may be even fatal. But here is the easy step for being slim.
First apart you leg about one foot in a standing posture. Then bend forward and touch your toes with your fingertips, without bending your knees. You may not succeed in performing this exercise in the first attempt but try to bend as much as you can and in a few days you shall be able to touch your toes. One should remember not to bend the knees. When you succeed in performing this exercise, next try to touch your left toe with your right hand & your right toe with the left hand without bending the knees. After you are able to perform the second exercise as well, try to bend forward so as to touch the floor with the palms of your hands.
For a slim and curved waist: Everybody loves the waist that is well shaped and free of fat. So, here is the procedure for slim and curved waist.

Yoga and Beauty
First apart you leg about one foot in a standing posture and spread the hands sideways in the level of the shoulders, parallel to the ground. Then turn your upper torso to the left from your waist upwards, so that you can easily look behind. The feet should remain firmly on the ground. Then come back to the starting position and turn to your right. Repeat ten times.
In the next step turn to your left with a jerk and then to your right. Repeat twenty times.
Then place the hands on the waist and bend forwards so that your face touches your thighs. Repeat twenty times.
For a well figured thigh: Excess fat in the thigh spoils the beauty of women. Slim body with the slim thigh is the best look for beautiful women. So here is the procedure.

Yoga and Beauty
Stand straight and make you hand stretched forward parallel to the ground. Then bend your knees and go into a posture as if you are sitting on a chair. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and the back should be erect. Try to remain in this position for 3 minutes. This posture is similar to "Horse Trance" which is also practiced by the martial arts experts.
For a relaxed peaceful mind: One which controls everything is the mind. It can be noticed that one with the smiling face has some charming shine in her face. If her mind is in peace or happy mood, she looks charming in her face. So for relaxed peaceful mind here is the steps of yoga.
Lie down on the floor without moving any limb. Leave your body loose and close your eyes. Then try to free the mind of all thoughts, worries and tensions.
This Aasan should be performed for fifteen minutes daily. One shall attain peace of mind and tranquility through it.
By performing all the Aasans one not only gains a beautiful attractive face but also a well balanced physique.
Note: Beauty depends upon person's view. However, the beauty discussed here in article is that beauty common to most people's view. Why I say this is because no one can be that beautiful, where all the people heartily feel that, "Yes, She is beautiful."